Welcome to our web site!   In these pages you will find all the information you need to join us and enjoy learning to play Pony Club Polo in Scotland.   You will be able to download entry forms for various events and then enjoy reading the results and looking at photos of folk having a fun time!

Pony Club Polo in Scotland is run by a small band of enthusiastic supporters of polo for all interested Pony Club members.

The aim of Pony Club Polo in Scotland is to initiate and develop Pony Club Polo for all interested members of the Pony Club throughout the country.

With over 40 branches of the Pony Club in Scotland an executive committee was formed to liaise with Branch District Commissioners and Secretaries.   The Executive Committee consists of the Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Members, whose common ground is the promotion of Pony Club Polo.    The Coordinator reports directly to the Chairman of Pony Club Polo who sits on the main committee of the Pony Club.

Pony Club Polo in Scotland maintains a bank account and produces an annual statement of account. Cheques must be signed by any two of the Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer.

The remit of the Coordinator and the Committee is to encourage children to participate in Pony Club Polo in Scotland by attending courses and camps. Quality teaching and coaching is provided at various venues and as members progress they are encouraged to take part in tournaments and eventually make their way into adult polo.

All Pony Club Polo activities are run within the framework of Pony Club ethos and their rules are followed throughout.

Play and coaching is divided into different divisions/groups according to age and experience.

Pony Club Polo in Scotland was established in 1996 as an independent non-profit making organisation within the framework of the Pony Club.